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wicked_elite's Journal

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the community formerly known as wicked_musical

wicked_elite is a community for fans of the musical WICKED to chat and discuss the show. formerly wicked_musical. that community is now gone for circumstances even I can barely explain. feel free to post the latest news, articles, photos, and appearances, as well sharing your own experiences or even artistic talent. all we ask is that you please keep all posts WICKED related, and please refrain from any petty livejournal drama (gossip, rumours, bashing of members etc.). Keep the drama to yourself and hopefully everyone can be happy.

please check out the frequently asked questions located in the memories before posting a question. repeated questions are very annoying, and it might have been answered already. thanks!

- Keep all posts on the topic of the community, Wicked. Whether it be cast members or questions about the show itself etc etc etc.
- Posting of icons and graphics is fine. Please put icons of 3 of more and large graphics under a cut though. Promoting of graphics journals is fine IF you are posting icons (please post at least 3.
- Please NO requests for icons, graphics or layouts. There's a community called defying__icons. Check it out.
- Promoting of off-topic communities is prohibited. If you have a community to promote that has to do with Wicked feel free to do so. However, we reserve the right to delete any promotion for communities. This community is about the discussion of Wicked and promotion of anything just clogs up the community.
- There is to be NO filesharing in this community. Sorry. LJ's rules, not ours.
- All spoilers MUST be under a cut.
- Rumours about new casting choices and/or other things are fine but keep petty gossip to a minimum.
- Respect each and every one of the members. If you have a problem with a user then duke it out on your own time, not in the community. If a user is giving you a problem in the community bring it to one of the mods attention and we'll deal with it if need be.
- If you see someone's icon, and you like it, do NOT just think it's okay to take it and use it. Odds are, that person doesn't want their icon being used by other people, so ask and wait for a response before taking graphics and icons, it'll save you a lot of drama.
- the most important rule: It's just a show, and this is just a livejournal community, which means above all else have fun. Don't get caught up in petty drama, It's not worth it. Livejournal isn't life or death, so don't treat it that way.

anthony & rainbowsleeves

LINK US. use the following button to link the community. more coming soon. do not direct link.

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