are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?
Hi everyone! Well, I'm very excited because on Wednesday I am seeing Wicked on Broadway for the second time! My first was way back in March 2005, and at that point I barely knew anything about the show. So this time will be different because I am a fangirl now. :) But anyways, I just had a couple questions.
I am planning on doing stagedoor after. Since it's the Wednesday matinee, I know people have said it's less likely that people come out...but is it still worth going? Have any of you had a positive stagedoor experience after a matinee? And on that same note, how exactly do you get to the stagedoor from inside the Gershwin? And, approximately how long after the show do the actors start coming out?
I think that's all my questions. :D Thanks! I'll be sure to post a review and (hopefully) stagedoor pics when I get back!
EDIT: Never mind! By the time this was posted it was outdated. I will post again with my review of the show and experience!

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